Have a Wonderful and Blessed Day!!! Create In Me A Clean Heart!!!

Psalm 51:8 Make me to hear joy and gladness; that the bones which thou hast broken may rejoice.
Psalm 51:9 Hide thy face from my sins, and blot out all mine iniquities.
Psalm 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.
Psalm 51:11 Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me.
Psalm 51:12 Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.

Our Tendency to Hide sin example: Adam and Eve; David’s Sin and Cover-up
2 Samuel 11:
a. Steals Bathsheba
b. Commits Adultery
c. Murders Uriah

The Exposure — 2 Samuel 12
a. Nathan’s Courage

2Samuel 12:7 And Nathan said to David, Thou art the man. Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, I anointed thee king over Israel, and I delivered thee out of the hand of Saul;

b. David’s Responses
2Samuel 12:5 And David’s anger was greatly kindled against the man; and he said to Nathan, As the LORD liveth, the man that hath done this thing shall surely die:
2Samuel 12:6 And he shall restore the lamb fourfold, because he did this thing, and because he had no pity.
Psalm 51 — from this incident
a. His Prayer
b. His Penitence
c. His Possibilities

God is the Creator of Clean Hearts
a. We are Incapable of Creating a Clean Heart on Our Own
The problem with our relationship with God is much the same. God says, “Take a clean life”, and we go, “Wait a minute, that’s a problem. Because, as Paul said in Romans 3:23, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” And because we have all sinned, we’re all in need of forgiveness.
Pure in Heart — Matthew 5.8

Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

a. Blessed to see God
b. Have Encountered God
c. Man Cooperates with the Creator of Clean Hearts

Our tendency is to rationalize or explain or excuse or defend or justify our sin. A contrite heart does not seek to blame circumstances or other people or God for our own failure. You don’t see David blaming God or Bathsheba: “Lord, if you hadn’t had me king I wouldn’t be walking on this palace roof in the first place. And besides, did you see what she wasn’t wearing?”
1. Confession Level #1 To Himself
2. Confession Level #2 To God
3. Confession Level #3 To US/Others

We need to realize repentence is to the Lord and not by blaming others or telling the Lord “it wouldn’t have happened but you put my wife in my life”, or my husband in my life”. The boss hired that beautiful secretary or handsome hunk”. When asking forgiveness or repenting you need to leave it between you and the Lord. When we get to Heaven and are standing before him no room to be blaming anyone but ourself.
Create a clean heart is asking the Lord to get rid of our old way of thinking, sinning, holding on to unforgiveness. It is getting the heart that will be pleasing unto our Father. Remember after salvation we are made clean before the Father but are still in this flesh.
When we are truly repentive we go to the Lord and say “Lord I am sorry for what I DID”.

Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee;
Let the water and the blood,
From Thy wounded side which flowed,
Be of sin the double cure;
Save from wrath and make me pure.
Not the labor of my hands
Can fulfill Thy law’s demands;
Could my zeal no respite know,
Could my tears forever flow,
All for sin could not atone;
Thou must save, and Thou alone.
Nothing in my hand I bring,
Simply to the cross I cling;
Naked, come to Thee for dress;
Helpless look to Thee for grace;
Foul, I to the fountain fly;
Wash me, Savior, or I die.
While I draw this fleeting breath,
When mine eyes shall close in death,
[originally When my eye-strings break in death]
When I soar to worlds unknown,
See Thee on Thy judgment throne,
Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee.

Love and Prayers

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