A Testimony of the Greatness of Our Lord

I was almost homeward bound Tuesday afternoon. I just got home late last night from the hospital. I went to the dentist for a root canal (love my dentist dislike going). The roots were very deep so he said take this antibiotic and steroids to help prevent infection and swelling. I said I really don’t want to take anything because I was suppose to have a stress test done yesterday. Also I am so sensitive to meds it scares me. Well got home me and my max (my dog) were sitting and I said well I will take the dumb amoxicillin. Within 20 minutes my head was hot and uncomfortable, My neck was swollen, I took my blood pressure it was 178/118 my heart rate was 189, now I am having difficulty breathing. I called 911 and my neighbor because my dog is really good but it usually just me and him or the kids with me. I didn’t want to take a chance on him getting nervous and doing anything to anyone he never has but….So I called my neighbor barely able to talk now she came right over. She asked did you take anything new she said it looks like an allergic reaction. I said amoxicillin. Now my body head to toe is beet red very hot, and I feel my throat closing. Within 5 minutes a police officer shows up looks at me says don’t move save your energy I will get oxygen from my car. He came in put me on oxygen and now I am shaking like crazy. Paramedics arrived shortly after my neighbor said she goes to Sisters Hospital, I was in and out caught him saying she is going to St Joes basically only about 2 miles away. She will not make it to Sisters. In the ambulance he called the hospital to see about the epi stuff but my heart rate is seriously high they can’t give it to me. My neighbor had given me two Benadryl’s. Got to the hospital they were thinking they may have to Intrabate me Praise the Lord they didn’t have too. My skin was burning so bad, itching like never before I have so much skin damage clawing at my skin. I thought the burning and pain I am so blessed to have my Precious Lord as my savior and freed me from eternity in hell all I could think of (and I am sure it will be much worse in hell) how awful to spend eternity in that condition with no relief, no comfort I am more determined to get the gospel out. However I did have a few awesome witnessing opportunities the Lord is so amazing and the way he takes care of us and opens doors. I look forward to my heavenly home but believe the Lord isn’t done with me it was a couple close and painful hours. We never know what is waiting around the corner so we truly need to be living for Jesus!!

Love and Prayers

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